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The Rise of Alpha (Savage Dawn Book 2) by Robert Cole

A deeply immersive and action-packed dystopian thriller…

Cole’s second installment in the Savage Dawn series introduces a richly realized dystopian world, fully fleshed-out characters, and a page-turning narrative as Alex and Elaine race against time to fight a deadly plague and a dangerous enemy. The battle for the subterranean city of Genesis is over. The surface people have formed an uneasy and yet enduring partnership with the city’s inhabitants. But a fast-spreading plague is creating chaos outside, threatening to invade Genesis soon. Meanwhile, the dangerous Alpha, a group of genetically altered refugees, come to know about the existence of the city of Genesis. With danger fast approaching, Alex, Elaine, and others must do everything in their power to fight the enemy while trying to find a cure for the plague. The world Cole builds is evocative, and he does a good job developing the intricate plot. Cole’s ecologically ravaged world is richly detailed and terrifying, and his intriguing cast of characters is fully realized. Readers will delight in Alex’s coming-of-age journey as he realizes his own potential. The book’s message never outshines the rich storytelling, enthralling pacing, or intricate world-building. Strongly evoked themes of friendship, survival, resilience, and determination cohere in the resonant portrait of Alex, Elaine, and others’ bloody race to survive. This complex, swiftly paced, and intensely felt tale grabs the reader from the beginning and won’t let go until they turn the last page. Cole is an author to watch.

The Rise of Alpha

(Savage Dawn Book 2)

By Robert Cole

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Pub date May 14, 2021

ISBN 979-8504082028

Price $11.63 (USD) Paperback, $3.04 Kindle edition

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