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Children of the Night by Zan Safra

A page-turning read that leaves readers dazed and breathless…

Fusing hard SF with dark urban fantasy, Safra’s thoroughly engrossing tale is marked with intrigue, mystery, magic, and murder. It’s been five hundred years since the dead last ravaged the Continent. But one of them is back, bringing chaos and murder in its wake. An Unnatural, sixteen-year-old Ayanda Draculesti is the only one who can battle the dead. But the enemy she’s facing is calculating and clever. Ayanda must unite with some of her own if she wants to defeat the savage monster. Safra weaves in convincing descriptions of her protagonists’ struggles with their inner demons, and depicts a fascinatingly complex heroine in Ayanda, who, despite her self-doubts and vulnerabilities radiates strength and resilience. She fleshes out this bleak but brilliant world where the Unnaturals face complex moral dilemmas, exploring what it means to be alive through the woes of Ayanda and her friends. Dark intrigue, well-constructed fight scenes, and a lot of heart make for an addictive steampunk read.

Children of the Night

By Zan Safra

Author Twitter @CharmQuark12

Available for pre-order in June

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