Wanting Aidan by Alyssa Hall

Addictive, thoroughly gripping…

Hall’s solid latest sees the private investigator Joe Parrott on the trail of a young woman’s killer. Joe finds himself entangled into a murder investigation after the body of a young woman is found near his home. Determined to uncover the woman’s identity and get her justice, Joe begins his quest, unaware the truth will impact his own life. Replete with relentless suspense and shocking revelations, the narrative moves at swift pace, offering almost nonstop twists throughout. Hall layers much emotion into her writing as she deepens her flawed but empathetic protagonist’s character. Readers will be on the edge of their seats as Joe is pressed into a long spiral of twisted investigation while trying to find the truth. With its tight plotting, deeply realized characters, and crisp writing that energizes a familiar plot, the novel makes for a page-turner. Hall deserves a wide readership.

Wanting Aidan

By Alyssa Hall


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Pub date March 26, 2021

ISBN 9781039104808


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