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Craven Falls (3 book series) by Donna M. Zadunajsky

A thrilling web of mystery and intrigue…

Set in the quiet town of Craven Falls, Ohio, this suspenseful series from Zadunajsky shines with teenage drama, deadly secrets, murder, and intrigue. The first installment sees Scarlet Fitzgerald, the queen bee of Craven Falls High, trying to settle old scores with Laura Stevenson, a nobody at the school. But what begins as a petty revenge turns into a deadly game as old secrets come to surface. In the second installment, fifteen-year-old Robyn Wilde comes across a hidden document in her foster parents’ bedroom that connects her to a mysterious woman in Craven Falls. Looking to uncover her past, Robyn arrives in Craven Falls, and a series of murder shook the town. The third installment sees seventeen-year-old Sara Nelson trying to leave her abusive past behind but getting herself entangled in the middle of a murder investigation. The narrative bounces back and forth between various characters, retching up the tension and keeping readers invested. There are plenty of last-minute twists, and Zadunajsky is especially excellent when it comes to highlighting the characters’ struggles with their inner demons. She does a good job dramatizing the increasingly shifting relationship between her teen characters, keeping readers wondering what the truth is while balancing the suspenseful narrative with a deep look at the characters’ journey as they confront darkness, despair, hope, and possibilities in their troubled lives. Lauren’s raw grief is palpable after she loses her mother, as is Robyn’s struggle to understand the innate darkness of her nature. Rachel’s reluctance to let complications burden the last few months of her senior year makes her thoroughly relatable. Lara, with her traumatic past and vulnerabilities comes out as a sympathetic heroine. Delightful supporting characters add to the intrigue: the endearing Edith, who’s struggling with loneliness after her husband’s death; and dependable and caring Reece. Only limited flashes of information emerge from various narrators, and with their roles becoming clear much later in the stories, Zadunajsky succeeds in introducing new twists halfway through the narrative. The crisp prose and a quiet, claustrophobic atmosphere keep the pages flying. The themes of abuse, domestic violence, bullying, harassment, friendship, family ties, love, and loss are infused skillfully into the narrative. Fast-paced and gripping, the series makes for a page-turning read. Suspense lovers will want to take a look.

Craven Falls (3 book series)

By Donna M. Zadunajsky

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The Dead Girl Under the Bleachers #1

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Buried Secrets #2

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The Body in the Road #3

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