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Heavenly by Thomas Duffy

A splendid tale of love and choices that define life…

Duffy delivers a powerful story about second chances, faith, and love, taking readers on one man’s journey to finding meaning in his life.  John, a middle-aged man, is content working in a theatre and living a solitary existence. When after an unfortunate accident, he loses his life and finds himself in front of God, he realizes he has not lived his life fully. He is given a second chance at life and takes birth once again. As Peter, he begins the second inning of his life and faces the same uncertainty and lack of direction as his earlier life. But fate brings him close to Teresa, a mother of one and a working girl. Although Peter isn’t the most devout person, he begins to see the destiny involved in his connecting with Teresa and must make the hard decision of whether to carry on with his decision to unite with her or leave her, owing to her shady past. Duffy’s crisp, accessible prose compliments the story line, and he’s got a skilled hand at sketching his characters’ fragilities. His portrayal of John as a solitary, tenderhearted man struggling to find a life partner and some sort of professional success is done with precision and skill. Peter, with his uncertainties, dreams, and aspirations, is both realistic and relatable. Readers will find it impossible not to root for him. Teresa, Patricia, and Em are equally convincing. And so does Peter’s parents, with all their parental worries and hopes. Duffy successfully weaves faith and destiny into a deeply moving story of love and life. Flashbacks from Peter’s past life and God’s visits (in dreams) are infused skillfully into the affecting narrative. Falling in love with Teresa challenges Peter to face the uncertainty in his heart and teaches him important lessons on life, love, and trust in God. His decision to act on his inner desires unearths inner struggles and old self-doubts, but also reinvigorates his trust in God’s ways. Along the way, Duffy provides a piercing perspective on familial tensions, relationships woes, and young adult drama, and weaves in rich local color. The Christian symbolism interlaced into the story will delight readers of faith, and the captivating plot will interest general fiction readers. This endearing tale becomes a heartfelt meditation on trust, faith, acceptance, forgiveness, and navigating life’s ups and downs. Duffy has delivered a winner.


By Thomas Duffy

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Pub date March 16, 2021

ISBN 9798718984675

Price $10.99 (USD) Paperback, $6.98 Kindle edition

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