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Rave by Konn Lavery

Pointed, driven, and sharp… A roller-coaster ride.

Filled with murder, mayhem, and uncanny, the award-winning Lavery’s unsettling latest takes readers on a thrilling journey into grit and horror. It’s 1999. Struggling with the tediousness of the small town of Prince George, Seth is ready for the greatest rave of the year with his friends. But a brutal murder leaves the group running from the RCMP, unaware a great evil is lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce at the first chance. Lavery’s world is gritty and intense, fashioned from the Canadian Rockies, the vast, desolate woods, mountain crags, and towns populated by richly drawn characters, each haunted by the past. Enduring friendships, young adult drama, and high stakes keep the reader invested. Lavery handles the mystery plot well and continues to build bloody momentum as gore and evil take over, propelling the winding plot to a shockingly satisfying climax. Along the way, he explores friendship, trauma, solidarity, and survival. Horror fans won’t be able to put down this gripping blend of mystery and occult.


By Konn Lavery

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Reveal Books

Pub date May 20, 2021

ISBN  9781777164041

Price $3.76 (USD) Kindle edition

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