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I Am Sheffrou: An Alien Love Story (The Sheffrou Trilogy Book 1) by Cami Michaels

Intriguing… A character-driven space romance.

Michaels’s series kicker in The Sheffrou Trilogy is a smashing mix of romance and space opera. With kids almost grown up and a husband who is always busy with his work, Tamara Walsh longs for passion and adventure. When she accidentally falls through a wormhole and lands on an alien planet where she meets Maashi, a powerful alien, her wish becomes reality. A close bond forms between the pair, leaving Tamara torn between returning to earth or staying with Maashi. Michaels smartly uses space opera’s conventions, including intriguing aliens, uncanny powers, space-age technology, looming danger, and feudal society. Michaels’s characterization is right on the spot: the characters are grounded in genuine emotion. Tamara and Maashi’s romance is sweet, and readers will find it easy to root for them. Though substantial interpersonal conversations and erotic encounters outweigh the scarce action and political intrigue, the thoroughly developed characters, measured pacing, and original, intriguing premise make it a thorough entertainer.

I Am Sheffrou: An Alien Love Story

(The Sheffrou Trilogy Book 1)

By Cami Michaels

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Pub date July 16, 2020

ISBN 979-8632277747

Price $1.00 (USD) Kindle edition, $14.95 Paperback

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