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Obsidian Mine by Karen Bailey

Hypnotic, bold, and deeply seductive…

Bailey debuts brilliantly with a blend of sensual romance, sinister conspiracies, and dark intrigue. Jennifer loses her mother to the insanity of her father, but she has no time to process her grief. With seven children, the residents of Rashwa, a hidden realm of Vampires and Were-creatures, in danger, Jennifer must make arrangements to return them to their families. When she meets the enigmatic Never, she feels a strange attraction, unaware Never is the king of Rashwa and is looking for the children. As the pair comes close, a spark flies between the duo. But the old enemy is back once again, determined to acquire children for their own ulterior motive. Bailey excels at lyrical prose and the slow build of sexual tension, and her ensemble cast is thoroughly charming: the ruggedly handsome Never, who doesn’t shy from the darkness, cuts a memorable figure; Jennifer, with her vulnerability and compassion makes for a worthy heroine; and the well-drawn secondary characters round out the story nicely. Meanwhile, the vivid storytelling and lush worldbuilding allow readers to truly enter this fantasy world. While there’s a healthy dose of action, with danger closely following Jennifer and the children, the emphasis is on the character-driven, lush romance at its heart. There’s a genuine sense of fun and sexual tension running throughout the story, keeping the readers engaged. Amid all the excitement, Bailey works in commentary on family, love, loss, grief, and trauma. This intoxicatingly sensual tale will easily win over both romance and urban fantasy fans.

Obsidian Mine

By Karen Bailey

Tellwell Talent

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Pub date November 20, 2020

ISBN 978-0228835158

Price $12.00 (USD) Paperback, $19.00 Hardcover, $$5.48 Kindle edition

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