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Dead Tree Tales by Rush Leaming

Dense and complex… An exquisitely plotted mystery.

Set in Charleston, SC, and the surrounding islands, this stunning latest from Leaming has all the ingredients of a dazzling whodunit: sinister secrets, a twisted mystery, endearing cast, death, and intrigue. Detective Charlie Harper and Detective Elena Vasquez are not least bit thrilled when they are called to investigate the poisoning of a much-loved 1000-year-old tree on the island. But once they find evidence of a more sinister crime at the place, they have no option but to throw themselves headfirst into the enquiry. But their investigation soon becomes winding and complex as new revelations begin to surface. Leaming skillfully weaves in his characters’ individual struggles and their fully fleshed out backstories into the affecting narrative while dramatizing racial and individual conflicts, with the powerful social commentary adding to the depth. The action drives to a shockingly satisfying ending. Though Leaming implements plot twists compellingly, it’s his expert pacing and unforgettable leading cast that turn this one into a memorable outing. Leaming is an author to watch.

Dead Tree Tales

By Rush Leaming

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Pub date June 8, 2021


Price $4.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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