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Where Are We Tomorrow? by Tavi Taylor Black

Compelling, original, poignant… A dazzling tale.

Black’s poignant, psychologically complex debut examines the intricacies of individual struggles, relationships, loyalties, and friendships through the troubled life of a woman trying to sort out her priorities. Thirty-six-year-old Alex Evans is content working as a touring electrician for Sadie, a well-established pop star. But when she unexpectedly becomes pregnant and later miscarries, she finds herself thrown into a whirlwind of emotions. An on-stage accident that implicates Alex forces her to rent a house in Tuscany with three other women on tour. While the tour regroups, old secrets come to surface, setting in motion a chain of events that allow Alex to slowly examine her own priorities in life. Black skillfully portrays her characters’ self-doubt, with all its subtle variations and manifestations along with their emotional and professional struggles. In a soft, searing voice, Black explores Alex’s relationship with Connor, capturing her inner dilemma about choosing between her career and her desire of having a permanent home and children, along with her acute awareness that her path probably differs from his. Along the way, she touches on the subject of deeply conditioned sexism the women in the story are forced to encounter. A keen and compassionate observer, Black writes an intricate tale about relationships, love, betrayal, personal choices, friendships, and about taking chances and venturing outside one’s comfort zone. The novel makes for a great book-club read—it is one of those books that teaches you something, gives you plenty to discuss and even more to think about. A vivid depiction of a woman’s inner struggles, the novel makes for a page turner.

Where Are We Tomorrow?

By Tavi Taylor Black

TouchPoint press

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Pub date May 31, 2021

ISBN 978-1952816369

Price $5.99 (USD)Kindle edition

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