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Bloodroot by Daniel V. Meier Jr.

By turns heartbreaking and fascinating… A raw, powerful story.

Meier returns with a stunning story about a man caught in the grip of treachery, passion, and the unescapable flow of history. England 1609. After a minor scuffle with his master, the young Matthew, an apprentice carpenter, finds himself running away from the law, joining his best friend Richard on an excursion to early British settlement of Jamestown, Virginia. But what begins as a journey to a promising land soon turns into a nightmare of impossible proportions, with hunger and savagery testing the limits of humanity. With his lust for Richard’s wife, Anne, Matthew soon embarks on a path of sin and treachery. But guilt soon takes over, and living becomes a burden. Meier’s eye for detail is immaculate, whether it is the evocation of the rugged, unforgivable landscape of Virginia or the portrayal of the grizzly horrors of a desperate and dying community. He ably interweaves scenes of settlers’ everyday life along with the fantastical world of the native American culture and their legends and beliefs into the affecting narrative. The characters are universally human in their emotion, be it the honest, morally upright Richard or troubled Anne. Matthew is a triumph; he has loose morals and integrity is not something he values much, but Meier depicts him with humanity and compassion, making him thoroughly humane. The narrative moves at a swift pace, building to shocking revelations as fate intertwines and Matthew eventually finds meaning in life. Meier’s skillful manipulation of interlocking plot strands, keen insight, and entertaining storytelling make it a page-turner.


By Daniel V. Meier Jr.

BQB Publishing

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Pub date August 1, 2021

ISBN 978-1952782046

Price $18.95 (USD) Paperback, $8.49 Kindle edition

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