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The Going Back Portal by Connie Lacy

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Engrossing and heartwarming…

Fresh and captivating, this time travel novel chronicles one woman’s adventurous quest through time and space. After TV producer Kathryn Spears decides to check on her aging grandmother’s claim of a Cherokee family living in the neighborhood and walk through a property line, she’s somehow transported to 1840. Encounter with Forest Water, a young Cherokee woman left behind after her family marched west on the Trail of Tears, sets Kathryn on a harrowing journey of getting justice for the former. Lacy’s writing impressively evokes the cozy disarray of 1840s farm life and viciousness of native rights violations in colonial America.The pace of the book is fast and the characters realistic: women feisty and likable (All of them) and men darlings (except for the antagonist). A delightful read!

The Going Back Portal

by Connie Lacy

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Wild Falls Publishing

PUB DATE January 28th 2019

ISBN 9780999608470

PRICE $12.99 (USD)

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