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The Red Umbrella Society by Khrys Vaughan



A beautifully constructed cozy action thriller…

Khrys Vaughan’s first in the series is set in a world where The Red Umbrella Society, a powerful secret organization of women, works to protect women all over the world. The members of the organization become embroiled in a complex plot involving deception and revenge after hidden enemies from within plot their shocking moves and put the very existence of the organization in danger. Abrupt shifts in the narrative initially cause confusion, but all the sub plots come together somewhere halfway, making things fall in place clearly. The setting is enchanting. With many female protagonists, it’s hard to zero in on just one, but they all are warm and plucky. It will be interesting to see how the series grows in the upcoming installments.


The Red Umbrella Society

by Khrys Vaughan

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House of Crows, LLP

PUB DATE October 20, 2018

ISBN 9781732472334

PRICE $11.95 (USD)


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