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DART by Dale Renton



This high-octane, highly entertaining sci-fi novel is best read in one go…

“Keep your friends close, your enemies closer–and the ones you’re not too sure about closer still.”

The razor-sharp dialogues, wry humor ( “When you’re drowning in a river full of razorfins, do you hold your breath?”), and unpredictable twists that not only thicken the plot but also proliferate it build the foundation of this speedy, fun sci-fi novel by Dale Renton. Darthanil ‘Dart’ Black, the undefeated First Blade of Sylas’ World, gets caught up in a tangle of difficult situations that soon start to have implications for the safety of thousands of settlers frozen in the Mother Ship’s cryobanks and the future of the planet. When a group of super intelligent machines decide to take over the planet, things get even more complicated and uncertain. Caught between a rock and a hard place, it’s up to Dart now to take command of the situation and get things settled. There are plenty of characters, but it is Dart who shines through and through. He is sharp, funny, and genuinely charming. Renton’s sketching of Dart makes him an intriguing and sympathetic character who enthrals the reader with his wit and charm while pushing the boundaries of his own resilience. While Dart dominates, other characters are by no means underdeveloped; they are able to hold on their own. The pace of the story is brisk, the concept and the execution of the plot is well realized, and the witty quotes (Dart’s thoughts) before each chapter are certain to keep readers entertained to the end. While Renton’s action-based narrative makes pages of technological background go by quickly, a hoard of quick happenings demands a slow reading on the reader’s part. The plotting is excellent though a little complicated at times and completely entertaining as the big picture emerges. The concept of a lengthy novel (Or just a few extra pages) would have done good to the backstory in the plot that seems too brief for certain situations – the setting needs more framework for it to appear more distinct. Dart’s humorous one-liners throughout the book are too funny for words and give the story the vim and vigour it deserves. Readers will welcome a series featuring Dart. Renton expertly mixes humor with science fiction and delivers a thrilling book.



by Dale Renton

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PUB DATE March 3, 2019

ISBN: 9781798522486

PRICE $12.99 (USD)


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