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Haunting Magic (The Witches of New Mourne #2) by Neely Powell

A page-turner from start to finish…

Powell imagines a fantasy universe of New Mourne where humans and paranormal creatures observe a considerable peace. Fiona Burns, the Connelly witch, with her skill as a medium has attracted the attention of Bailey Powers, a reality TV producer. Though Bailey sees potential in Fiona as a TV star, he is skeptical of her powers to connect to the dead. But with the Woman in White back and a demon with a sinister motive wreaking havoc in New Mourne, Bailey is about to witness something strange. And Fiona must find answers to end the Connelly curse. The tension is high, and the stakes even higher, as Powell draws on various urban fantasy elements to deliver a deeply fascinating tale, while pushing her protagonist’s emotional journey forward. The feisty, resilient Fiona breathes new life into the average rough-around-the-edges female protagonist. Bailey is equally convincing, and the chemistry between the two is deliciously sensual. Powell’s world-building is solid, the storytelling assured, and her lively style makes this a thoroughly entertaining page-turner.

Haunting Magic

(The Witches of New Mourne #2)

By Neely Powell

The Wild Rose Press, Inc. (Black Rose)

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Pub date October 27, 2017

ISBN 978-1509216697

Price $4.84 (USD) Kindle edition, $4.52 Paperback

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