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Dragon Lad Trilogy by J.C. Stevens

Fast-paced and exciting… A rip-roaring adventure.

Stevens introduces an absorbing fantasy world of dragons, humans, witches, and wizards, taking his young protagonist on many nail-biting adventures in this impressive middle grade fantasy series, the three-part Dragon Lad trilogy. In the debut installment, the small-bird size young dragon, Dorg discovers a shocking truth about his own identity: he may not be a dragon at all.  He hatched small because of a curse. Coming to terms with this new revelation is not easy for Dorg, leaving him eager to search for his birth family, and his transformation to a human boy complicates the things further. The second installment continues Dorg’s story, who as a boy is known as Dirk. Trying to locate his birth family in the Roman-ruled Britannia, Dirk sets on a horrendous journey. The third installment sees Dirk surrounded by enemies, with Treacherous Ethelda determined to settle her old scores and the Roman army in search of the magical black sphere. Steven’s dragons are fully realized characters, with emotions, aspirations, loyalty, and inner struggles. Adorable and sometimes frustrating, Dirk is an entirely believable character. It’s impossible for the reader not to root for him. Dirk’s longing for the parents and siblings he never knew are conveyed with authenticity. Beldor and Ydda are absolutely adorable. The villains are thoroughly sinister and intimidating. Stevens focuses on each character in relation to Dorg, and because of that, other characters may not appear fully realized. Yet each of them undergoes an alteration. The history of Romans, their ways of life, and the geopolitics of the time period are smoothly woven into the adventure plot. Stevens’s world is a robustly diverse one, and he continues to develop it throughout all the three instalments, fleshing out the historical relationship between dragons and humans. Along the way, he explores serious issues of identity, self-discovery, family bond, friendship, children’s need to fit in, and what it means to be humane in a manner that is both honest and accessible. The setting is authentic—from the springs at Aquae Sulis as a healing place and resort to ancient dragon caves—every place comes alive. The accompanied illustrations are pleasing to eyes and bring both the story and the characters to life. Filled with action and adventure, the story entertains from start to finish. Middle graders who like their fantasy seasoned with feisty characters and nonstop action won’t want to put it down.

Dragon Lad Trilogy

B J.C. Stevens

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Dragon Lad: The Thirteenth Egg Book 1

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Dragon Lad: Tale of the Talisman: Book 2

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Dragon Lad: Wand of the Black Sphere Book 3

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