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The Amazing True Stories of Pepito The Squirrel (Pepito the Squirrel #1) by F. Jordan Erebia

Charming, compelling, and brimming with heart… A beautifully written, morally bracing tale.

Based on the true rescue story, this poignant first installment of the Pepito the Squirrel series by the retired physician Erebia takes readers on Pepito’s journey of rescue and rehabilitation. When Erebia finds the adorable Pepito, he is gravely injured, with two of his legs entirely useless. After determining the damaged nerves to be a cause of Pepito’s disability, Erebia begins Pepito’s rehabilitation process. A homemade wood and wire cone, an imitation of the rough tree bark, becomes Pepito’s physical therapy tool, and soon, the squirrel makes a full recovery. Pepito comes out as appropriately vulnerable and yet mischievous, exhibiting all that a squirrel should be—zestful and adorable. The rhyming text adeptly carries the story forward, and throughout Erebia underlines the compassion and insight one needs in order to take the responsibility that comes with caring for the vulnerable animals. The accompanied stunning photographs help bring Pepito’s story to life. The book is a great way to start conversations about the humane treatment of animals and introduces children to the proper process to follow in the handling of wildlife.

Note: this title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

The Amazing True Stories of Pepito The Squirrel

(Pepito the Squirrel #1)

By F. Jordan Erebia

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Pub date November 15, 2020

ISBN 9781736085813

Price $24.99 (USD) Hardcover), 12.99 Paperback, $3.04 Kindle edition

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