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The Export by JK Kelly

A true page-turner…

Kelly delivers a fast-moving plot, topnotch characterization, and a mind-bending mystery in his series kicker in The Export series, featuring the former FBI Special Agent Matt Christopher. Tired of dirty politics and corrupt politicians, Matt’s job as the Export for FBI provides him the opportunity to do what he loves most—to apprehend the most dangerous criminals and bring them to justice. On a personal excursion to see Base Camp on Everest, Matt has an opportunity to study the crime scene of a British national’s murder before he is called to London to nab a serial killer. But when one of his own is murdered, Matt finds himself thrown in a deadly game of betrayal and treacheries. Kelly risks exploring several storylines with murder and conspiracy around different places in the world, but it pays off greatly: as the story progresses, he expertly jacks up the suspense, and several different threads come together to form a single picture, with the narrative racing toward an explosive climax. The heavy doses of procedural detail and killing make this an ideal read for hardcore FBI thriller devotees, who will welcome Matt as the kickass protagonist. This is a knockout.

The Export

By JK Kelly

JK Kelly Consulting, LLC

Author website

Pub date May 26, 2021

ISBN 9780999409961

Price $9.95 (USD)

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