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Transcription by Tyler Michael

Finely crafted…exhilarating…compelling.

Set in 2070s, Michaels’s latest, a quest through deep space exploration, is loaded with futuristic genetics advancement, revolutionary scan language and deep code analysis, sinister conspiracies, and shocking revelations. Deep space travel is not meant for humans. The only way the humanity could do that, is to revive a life in case of death. Avalon, a US Department of Defense (DoD) low-orbit special programs asset, is in space, precisely for that purpose: carrying expensive experimentation to perfect the revival of life. But what happens when a far more sinister purpose of the research is revealed? Michaels skillfully doles out pieces that initiated the research project on Avalon in the first place and events during the program that lead to the disintegration of the space shuttle over the Pacific Ocean later. He tosses in plenty of curveballs while adeptly uses thriller tropes to heighten the tension as the story builds to the shocking ending. The assured prose and thorough worldbuilding allow readers to truly enter the vividly imagined world of space exploration. Lovers of fast-paced space-operas will be wowed.

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By Tyler Michael

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Pub date February 9, 2021


Price$9.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.04 Kindle edition

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