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Ungodly by Braedon Riddick

An excellent horror…

With compelling prose and setting, Riddick makes his foray into horror with this uncanny mix of spine-chilling dread and keen psychological insights. A troubled teenager is ready to exact a plan for mass murder, but is stopped in time. However, the evil is here to take its fill and wouldn’t stop until it gets its due. A young student witnesses a man plummeting from a high-rise, but the police find no body. And thus, begins a series of intangible horrendous incidents in the sleepy mountain town. Riddick makes the propulsive mix of horror and mystery compulsively addicting, and weaves two separate timelines into an gripping unified narrative. His crisp prose, layered narrative, and emotionally rich characters make sure the reader stays invested in their fates. The pacing is swift, and every new reveal unravels another mystery to follow, driving the story to a mind-boggling ending. Fans of fast-paced, psychological horror will find it hard to tear themselves away from the book until the last page is turned.


By Braedon Riddick

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Pub date December 11, 2020


Price $13.95 (USD) Paperback, $3.00 Kindle edition

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