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Replaced Parts by Stephanie Hansen

An unpredictable adventure from which it is nearly impossible to turn away…

Set in 2163, Hansen’s fast-paced YA takes readers on an exhilarating journey as sixteen-year-old Sierra lands on planet Vortex to look for her missing father and finds herself entrapped into sinister machinations of a madman. Sierra has always believed her brilliant scientist father abandoned his family to be with another woman. But when she finds the proof of his father taken against his will to another planet, Sierra knows she must leave her home on Earth and look for her father on Vortex. Hansen’s writing is lush and Sierra’s story unfolds with the breakneck speed of a thriller and fascinating excitement of dystopian fiction. Her far-future world, particularly planet Vortex is richly imagined, full of techno advancements and intrigue, and the relentless high-stake dangers Sierra repeatedly finds herself in lend tension. The characters are deeply realized and relatable, the narrative swift, and the story’s momentum and pacing never slows down. YA readers will devour this in a jiffy.

Replaced Parts

By Stephanie Hansen

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Fire & Ice Young Adult Books

Pub date February 23, 2021


Price $4.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $13.99 Paperback

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