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The 19th Bladesman (Shadow Sword series Book 1) by S.J. Hartland

S J Hartland (2)


With its superbly developed characters and accomplished prose, The 19th Bladesman is a book to devour…

This massive volume is the first of the three-part Shadow Sword series from S.J. Hartland. In a world of ancient prophecies and magical beings, a line of swordsmen possesses phenomenal powers through their bond with the battle god Khir to fight the ghouls—monsters in human form with a taste for human blood. Kaell, the bonded warrior, is the 19th Bladesman in the long line of formidable swordsmen and is expected to die young while protecting the world according to a prophecy. A combat with a young prince not only changes Kaell’s destiny but also kicks off a chain of events that put the world in the path of dark forces. Between the extensive word building and a sprawling cast, Hartland expertly brings her characters to life and weaves a story of epic proportions that fascinates as well as entertains the reader. The pacing hits some rough spots in the beginning, but the story races afterwards with an exhilarating, multi-layered plot knitted from ever-changing alliances and ruthless intrigues. With the convincing handling of her characters’ inner conflicts, Hartland gives them a refreshingly humane touch and makes the reader invested in their flawed personalities. A touch of darkness to certain characters’ persona adds extra intrigue and a sense of melancholy to the story. Epic fantasy fans will enjoy this large-scale story of ancient magic, mighty warriors, powerful sorcerers, unforeseen prophecies, and medieval bloodlines.


The 19th Bladesman

(Shadow Sword series Book 1)

by S.J. Hartland

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Dark Blade Publishing

PUB DATE November 21st 2018

ISBN 978-0648437208

PRICE $17.99 (USD)

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