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A Multicultural Picnic: Children’s Picture Book (Little Polyglot Adventures) by Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos

A marvelous children’s story about acceptance and the power of kindness…

Santos explores racism, friendship, and kindness in this high-spirited caper that sees the polyglot siblings tackling bullies while on a family picnic. Dylan and Isabella are excited to join their Ukrainian and Brazilian grandparents for a family picnic in the park. But with a group of unwelcoming boys at the park and Kiki, Dylan’s pet chicken, going missing, the picnic doesn’t go as planned. The polyglot siblings’ story shows that someone who can speak many languages is certainly special. But being able to be kind to others, including your enemies is equally important. Eszter Miklós’s brightly colored, engaging illustrations are pleasant to eyes and enliven the story. Young readers will smile in anticipation as the children follow Kiki’s tracks, until it’s found. Readers interested in other languages especially will appreciate the inclusion of Zulu and Mandarin along with Portuguese and Ukrainian words in the text. This lively tale not only invites audience participation but also boosts love of language.

Note: This review is for the original, English version of the book, which is also available in several other languages, in both bilingual and monolingual editions.

A Multicultural Picnic

Children’s Picture Book (Little Polyglot Adventures)

by Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos (author), Eszter Miklós (illustrator)

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Pub date January 19, 2021

ISBN 978-1649620927

Reading age 4 – 9 years

Price $23.99 (USD) Hardcover, $4.98 Kindle edition

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