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Badfreaky – The meanest witch (The life of Badfreaky the witch Book 1) by Konstantinos Adamopoulos

Enchanting and enthralling…

Adamopoulos’s middle grade debut installment in The life of Badfreaky the witch series woos readers with it fantastic blend of magic and mayhem. Four-year-old Marily lives in the Bright Forest with her family. Her life changes forever after she accidently falls into a cauldron boiling with a magic potion, transforming into Badfreaky, the meanest witch. Expertly woven narrative and an escalating plot filled with deeply realized, entertaining characters and atmospheric setting keep readers turning pages. Tension stays ripe with suspense in the background, and twists and surprises are in plenty. Engrossing and layered, Marily’s story brings a modern feel to long-lasting fairy tale tropes, and the brightly colored, eye-catching illustrations add to the fun. Messages about caution, good versus evil are infused effortlessly into the narrative. An age-old theme with a fresh twist, expert pacing, and shocking revelations make this a winning choice for lovers of middle grade fantasy.


The meanest witch (The life of Badfreaky the witch Book 1)

By Konstantinos Adamopoulos

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Pub date November 25, 2020


Price $2.97 (USD) Kindle edition, $18.93 Paperback

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