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Sustainability by Tyler Helm

A definite page-turner…

Set against the backdrop of corporate greed and fierce power plays, Helm’s exciting conspiracy thriller draws readers into an exhilarating journey as two powerful business magnates indulge in a vicious war of wit and cunning. Jim Dunsmuir, a driven billionaire, collaborates with Island-based environmentalist and sustainability expert Garcia Grey for a lucrative contract with Saudi crown princes that involves installing an eco-friendly, efficient hydroelectricity grid in a newly constructed Saudi Arabian super city called Neom. But the crooked, scheming billionaire George Anderson, founder of Blade Solar, one of the world’s largest solar companies, has set his eyes on the contract. With the help of the corrupted former New York City Police Department detective Richard Emerson and his security industry associates, George launches his attack on Jim. Jim and Garcia must use all their wit and resources and stay ahead in the deadly game. The characterization is topnotch, and Helm is effortless when it comes to balancing the large cast of characters and their relating stories. All the characters, including major and minor—Jim, George, Garcia, Richard Emerson and his buddies—are well drawn. The narrative ties that bind the characters stay intact over the novel’s course, and the intriguing, realistically portrayed interplay among the main characters, especially the romantic tension that lingers between Jim and Garcia keeps the reader turning pages fast. Helm’s writing is assured, prose crisp, and he executes the complicated plot which consists of several mini sub plots and a large cast of characters with perfect ease while navigating a horde of shocking revelations. Helm is at his best when depicting the two business rivals’ nasty bidding war as George makes it his mission to derail Jim’s bid. The way George uses his cunning and wealth to manipulate things in his own favor is portrayed with skill and ease. Along the way, Helm brings to his story a passionate concern for environment with Saudi Arabian Princes’ grand project aimed at using sustainable green energy as an alternative resource. At times, the story seems unnecessarily stretched, and occasionally, Helm lapses into detailing the technical aspects related to sustainable energy, but his expert storytelling makes sure the momentum and pacing stay intact. With its endless twists, shocking revelations, and winding plotline, the novel makes for an electrifying conspiracy thriller. This eco-conscious conspiracy tale that admirably stretches the limits of human imagination is guaranteed to ignite a vast section of thriller readers’ interest.


By Tyler Helm

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Pub date July 7, 2020

ISBN 978-1532084423

Price $14.24 (USD) Paperback, $6.80 Kindle edition

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