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The Handyman by Michael Bronte


A fast-paced, nail-biting thriller…

Jake Blackwell, a close combat and special operations specialist in the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, is working odd jobs as a handyman after a traumatic brain injury forced him to retire from army. His accidently stumble across a suspicious envelope containing dangerous information gets him entangled in a dangerous militant plan and puts his family’s life at risk. The first-person narrative is intriguing and the pace of the novel fast. Though Jake’s occasional episodes of blackouts get over the top at times, they never fail to create an atmosphere of dread in the reader’s mind. Wonderfully detailed action scenes and the knowledgeable content about nuclear weaponry strengthens Bronte’s fast-paced thriller. The final showdown is full of nerve-wrecking suspense.


The Handyman

by Michael Bronte

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ISBN 9781717135209

PUB DATE May 2, 2018

Prise $12.99 (USD)


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