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Wolf Omega (The Lykanos Chronicles #2) by Joseph Stone

Darkly intriguing, absorbing, and utterly riveting…

In this page-turning dramatic urban fantasy, Stone chronicles the story of a young woman whose destiny changes forever after she discovers her hidden powers. It is 1693. Fifteen-year-old Gabriella marries Cecco, a small-time merchant, double her age, at her father’s insistence and leaves for her husband’s home. But instead of happiness, physical and mental abuse and cruelty awaits her. Trying to adjust to her new life, Gabriella soon finds herself on streets, and her path crosses with Dionisio, an enigmatic nobleman. Soon, Gabriella embarks on a new journey as she realizes she is different from others. She must learn to wield her own powers or risk losing her life to darkness. Stone’s portrayal of the emotionally and physically scarred Gabriella is sympathetic, and he gives her a wholly engaging mix of vulnerability, courage, and resilience, all of which aids her in her transformation to a lykan later on. The wonderful combination of worldbuilding, paranormal elements, and dark intrigue helps to drive the storyline. Stone takes his time building Gabriella’s backstory, and much of the book’s white-knuckled tension comes from the increasingly horrific experiences that Gabriella is forced to go through repeatedly. The pacing stays swift, and the momentum never falters. Though this is the second installment in the series, the novel doesn’t rely on any familiarity from the previous volume, making it ideal read as a standalone for newcomers. Paranormal readers, especially those who love their stories on the dark side, will hungrily devour this novel.

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Wolf Omega

(The Lykanos Chronicles #2)

By Joseph Stone

Silver Lion Publishing

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