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Witches and Reapers (The Chosen #1) by Kai Smith

A spellbinding tale of dark intrigue… Not the one to be missed.

Folding in elements of dark urban fantasy, Smith whips up a gripping, sinister tale that takes readers on an exhilarating journey into a fascinating world of magic, murder, betrayals, and conspiracies. Magic rules the lands, and the favored ones of gods hold special powers. Tobin, the master of subterfuge, the artist of death, bows to no one but the demands of Bytos, god to the Assassins. His path crosses with the evil queen Marilynn, who was unleashed into the world centuries ago with one goal, domination of all and servitude to her and her god, Seren. Unaware of Marilynn’s sinister machinations, Tobin begins a torrid sexual relationship with her, but when the latter’s sinister plan for their newborn child is revealed, Tobin must do everything in his power to save the child. With crisp prose and sharp insight, Smith adeptly combines the ruthless with the tender, revealing both the complexity and fragilities of Tobin’s character. A swiftly paced narrative brings the setup and the characters to life, and Tobin’s bond with Dakota and Rene, along with sympathetic characters of Judith and Nic, lightens the otherwise extremely dark tone. Smith’s execution of the plot is flawless, the pace is lively, and the heart-pounding twists and turns thrill and gratify. The darkly captivating world of magic and mayhem, endless conspiracies, lethal betrayals, forbidden love, and erotic sex swiftly draws readers in, along with the steady unraveling of hidden secrets and daring escapades and won’t let go until they turn the last page.

Witches and Reapers

(The Chosen #1)

By Kai Smith

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Pub date December 25th 2020


Price $4.15 (USD) Kindle edition, $11.99 Paperback

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