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The Necromancer’s Dragon (A Northern Necromancers Romance #1) by Amy B. Nixon

A darkly hypnotic, wholly addictive fantasy romance…

In this breathtaking series kicker in A Northern Necromancers Romance series, Nixon takes some characters from her new adult dark fantasy series Northern Necromancers and adds dragons to the mix, dropping readers into an instantly immersive Nordic fantasy world. Aurora Nordstrøm has everything a girl can ask for: looks, charm, and immense family wealth. But her necromantic family’s dreaded name combined with her own reputation as an Ice Queen often stands in the way of her love life. Considering, she has no intention to settle down anytime soon, Aurora is not bothered by it. But when a drunken episode results in the sarcastic, arrogant, and unyielding Carl Drahmann, a powerful dragon shifter, imprinting her, Aurora finds her resolve of staying single weaken. Nixon repeatedly puts her protagonists through the wringer, pushing them to the edge, and in doing so unravels their inner insecurities, self-doubts, frailties as well as resilience. Aurora, despite her stuck-up attitude is an endearing heroine, and her scathing but witty observations on her necromantic family’s dreaded name, Drahmann brothers, and her relationship with Dann make for a delightful read. Drahmann brothers are total hoot, especially Carl, and Dann is as endearing as he was in Northern Necromancers. The tension is high, the delicious romantic chemistry between the lead pair keeps things heated, and Nixon’s rigorous plotting and sharp wit masterfully keep readers thoroughly invested. This exquisitely written fairy tale is as much a dark romance as it’s a deep exploration of PTSD, the choices that can alter the course of a life forever, sibling love, family bonds, and love. Readers will wait eagerly for the sequel to this pulse-pounding, darkly intriguing romance.

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The Necromancer’s Dragon

(A Northern Necromancers Romance #1)

By Amy B. Nixon

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Pub date December 23, 2020


Price $2.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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