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Life Beyond the Pandemic by Oreste J. DAversa

Transformative and reflective…….

In this reflective book, DAversa offers an innovative look at life changing tools, methods, and techniques to achieve a more prosperous life in the aftermath of COVID-19. He outlines the possible paths one can take, what they meant for one’s own personal identity and survival, and societal and general questions the pandemic brought up while covering a wide range of topics including job market, self-employment and entrepreneurship, personal well-being, finances, housing among others, along with hands-on takeaways readers can apply to their life after the pandemic—so they can all be better prepared for the future. DAversa also explains the positive effect of self-care and offer various meditation techniques for spiritual and emotional growth and exercises for physical well-being. DAversa’s strength is in his straightforward and comforting tone. With remarkable insight, he offers ideas to help put readers on alternative paths for positive personal change. This is a hands-on tool that will help readers transform their lives.

Life Beyond the Pandemic

A Practical New Journey Handbook: Learn Real World, Spiritual and Useful Tools to Rebuild, Restart and Have a Happy, Prosperous and Joyous Life!

By Oreste J. DAversa

Cutting Edge Technology Publishing

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Pub date October 2, 2020


Price $4.00 (USD) Kindle edition

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