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Broken Revelations: Brides of War (Broken Revelations Book 2) by Albert Scott

A rousing, action-packed urban fantasy…

With nonstop action and twists that keep the reader guessing, Scott’s second installment in the Broken Revelations series sees Adrien and his Nephal companions in a fierce battle with the enemies. With Heaven’s fall and Hell’s rise, the Pegan gods are finally free, roaming the earth and bringing destruction in their wake. Adrien is still struggling to adjust in his new world. When Dominess, the Draconian ruler, assigns him to stop the Angels and Demons from destroying the city in their endless feaud, Adrien has no option but take the assignment or risk annihilation. The main story is bracketed by ongoing intrigue between angels, demons, falling angels, and Pegan gods. The plot is tightly crafted and efficiently executed, and high action and characters’ lighthearted banter keep fans entertained. Adrien is a fascinating protagonist, who despite his limitations and a laid-back attitude knows exactly when it’s time to make tough choices. The uncomfortable notion of “brides of war” is balanced by the female characters’, especially Rosa’s invincible spirit. This entertaining urban fantasy is both fun and gritty.

Broken Revelations

Brides of War (Broken Revelations Book 2)

By Albert Scott

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Pub date September 3, 2020


Price $1.02 (USD) Kindle edition, $8.25 Paperback

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