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Power Rising (3-books series) by Cathy Parker

A mesmerizing, authentic work of science fiction…

Parker’s compelling and deeply moving SF series follows a young attorney’s journey to secure freedom for her young alien friend and a rare beluga whale while trying to save the humanity from a devastating alien invasion. In the poignant first installment in the series, the hard-edged attorney Shannon Kendricks, a dedicated volunteer at SeaQuarium, finds herself embroiled in the strange world of an alien child, Essi, after a bizarre lavender lightning strikes her and Juneau, a rare beluga whale at the SeaQuarium, leaving the latter in comma. Shannon must help Essi to get back to her planet while trying to secure a deal for Juneau’s return to the wild. Parker follows the first installment with a high-stake adventure peppered with raw emotions in the second part. Waiting for Juneau’s return after securing a one-day deal out of captivity, Shannon is met with despair after an unfortunate incident sends the animal out into the chilly waters of Alaskan Sea. Meanwhile, Essi is back on earth riddled with a life-threatening virus. The stakes rise after Essi becomes the target of a pair of sinister aliens looking to gain access to the virus and destroy humanity. In the emotionally raw third installment, Parker takes readers on an exhilarating journey as Shannon struggles to save Essi while trying to evade the Homeland Security agents and fight a terrorizing FireWorld monster. Tender emotions and high-stake dangers simmer on the page, turning the bond of friendship and humanity into a battlefield as Shannon, Essi, Juneau, Indy, and Nascissus unite together to defeat their malevolent enemies. Shannon and Becky’s endearing bond of friendship and their eventual fall in the first book will break readers’ hearts. Juneau’s longing to tread the open waters of wild sea will tear the hearts of animal lovers. Indy deserved a longer run in the series. Parker skillfully conveys her protagonists’ fears, insecurities, and self-doubts as they struggle to stay alive in the face of relentless dangers. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Juneau, Indy, Nascissus, Essi, and Salesti aren’t human. Luke, with his strength and wit makes for a total darling, and his chemistry with Shannon is winning. The alien antagonists are downright sinister. Parker’s narrative is swiftly paced and her storytelling assured, as she examines the complexities of friendships, compassion, humanity, trust, and love while chronicling the stories of a young alien and a rare whale’s path to freedom. Lush, lyrical, and deeply moving, this is an accomplished work of science fiction. Parker is an author to watch.

Power Rising (3-books series)

By Cathy Parker

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Power of Three: The Novel of a Whale, a Woman, and an Alien Child : Book 1

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Power Multiplied: The Novel of a Woman, a Whale, and an Alien Child in Peril: Book 2

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.02 Kindle edition

Power Stabilized: An Urban Fantasy Filled with Aliens, Dragonpanthers, Whales and One Intrepid Woman: Book 3

Price $12.65 (USD) Paperback, $5.00 Kindle edition

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