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The Hayflick Limit (Waldwick) by Kenneth Linde

A brilliantly constructed, deeply emotional odyssey…

In Linde’s latest remarkable, the continuing chapter in the Waldwick Series, George Terrill struggles with professional enmity while trying to come to terms with a family crisis. From being a young farm boy in Waldwick, Wisconsin, to a member of one of the state’s wealthiest families, George has come a long way. Life with Amelia and three adult children is going great. But as ‘Little Spirit,’ he knows he has yet a lot to give to the humanity. As he shifts his focus from the field of commerce to health and begins working on the development of Mediglove, a life-altering technology that can bring revolution in the health industry, old friends-turned-enemies step in, posing immense hurdles in his path. Meanwhile, a family crisis makes George question the consequences of too much human intervention in God’s plans. The tough as nails but also achingly vulnerable George’s goodness and humanity make readers champion his cause throughout the story. The other characters emerge fully formed, and Linde’s assured narrative affectingly evokes his protagonists’ inner turmoil and struggles as well as their determination to thrive. The bond between George and his father-in-law is engaging, and George’s aspirations for his foundation are slowly teased as the narrative builds to a thrilling climax. The Derrick Williams Foundation’s all too voluminous political defeats and triumphs are adroitly imbued in the narrative. Along the way, Linde adeptly captures the destructive inner machinations of corrupt politicians from the perspective of Fitzgerald, the senator for Wisconsin and the friend-turned-foe of George. Linde’s descriptions of the serene atmosphere of The Forest and its appeal have an almost mythic quality. A combination of magical realism and hard science, the novel will enthrall readers from start to finish.

The Hayflick Limit


By Kenneth Linde

Expected Pub date 2021

ISBN 978-164516649-8

Library of Congress Control #: 2019900113

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