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Survival (3 book series) by Chris Wright

A bombshell-laden blend of horror and hard science fiction…

Wrights begins his sci fi trilogy with a heaping serving of thrills, scares, adventure, and dark intrigue. Survival, the gripping first book in the series takes readers into a bizarre world where reality and illusion are merging at a rapid pace. Everything is normal for Danny, until his close friend Olivia goes missing without a trace. But none of his friend knows who Olivia is. Trying to make sense of his own memories of Olivia, Danny is thrown into a world where reality and illusion goes hand in hand. Danny is pushed into more bizarre situation in Fragments, the second installment, and learns the extent of devastation that is about to destroy the whole mankind. Auton joins Gina and others for the final fight to save humanity in the third installment, I am Auton. Wright uses familiar set pieces both from science fiction and horror—AI and galaxy-spanning dystopian regimes, parallel universes, quantum mutation, dark, unknown entities, eerie setting, protagonists on a mission to save humanity’s future—to create this ingenious mix of space-opera and horror. He keeps the action swift and keeps the reader off balance with shocking revelations and expertly executed plot turnarounds. Wright’s prose is crisp, and his insights into the insecurities and fears that drive his characters are sharp. The characters, especially Auton and Danny take more than their share of lumps as they try to save the humanity. Without losing momentum, Wright adeptly creates the sequence of events leading up to the final catastrophes. The scares are genuine, and suspense relentless. Through his excellent plotting and emotionally intelligent characterizations, Wright creates a chilly, roller-coaster read that will leave readers breathless at the edge of their seats until the last page is turned. The series proves a page-turning read for its winding narrative, nonstop shocking twists, and believably drawn characterizations of the artificial intelligence and its human counterparts. Wright’s this excellent blend of sci-fi and horror deserves a wide readership.

Survival (3 book series)

By Chris Wright

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Survival: Book 1

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Fragments: Book 2

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I Am Auton: Book 3

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