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She Lies in Wait by Gytha Lodge


A promising debut that will be sure to delight fans of brilliant police procedural series…

Aurora Jackson, an intelligent, pretty 14-year-old girl disappears at a campsite while camping with her older sister and sister’s five friends in Brinken Wood in England’s New Forest in July 1983. The discovery of her remains three decades later takes Southampton Detective Chief Inspector Jonah Sheens back to his first and one of the most troubling investigations of his career. The location of Aurora’s remains suggests a strong probability of the killer being one of her campmates. Assisted by his teammates: DC Henson, DC Lightman, and DS O’Malley, Jonah Sheens embarks on a complex investigation that brings him face to face with his demons from the past. There are only a few suspects, but Lodge’s clever use of incorporating layers to the story adds to the complexity of otherwise a basic plot. Jonah Sheens’ and Henson’ past burdens assure abundant growth in upcoming installments. The narrative is arresting and switches between present and past. A thrilling, captivating debut.


She Lies in Wait

by Gytha Lodge

Random House
Pub Date 21 Mar 2019
ISBN      9780241362976
PRICE    $36 (USD)
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