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The You Beyond You – The Knowledge of the Willing by Ramzi Najjar

A thought-provoking and powerful transformative compendium…

In this empowering guide, the award-winning Najjar offers an extraordinary life approach to reach new heights as he lays out strategies for turning negative beliefs and ideas into positive ones. Combining true-life experiences with scientific and psychological theories and ideas, Najjar eloquently charts ways on how to turn one’s life around to facilitate success in life. Beautifully written stand-alone paragraphs offer insight into the need to cleanse the mind by getting rid of decayed beliefs, habits, and energies and unlock a new dimension of reality. The primary advice here is to develop a structure that not only help dissolve age-old beliefs and sour perceptions but also bolster better habits that could be turned into a directed drive to flourish and attain spiritual awakening. Najjar provides plenty of practical suggestions and maxims to live by, and by sharing the real-life experiences, he makes his arguments all the more appealing. Heartfelt and wildly imaginative, this is a book that can change your life. Najjar has delivered a winner.

The You Beyond You – The Knowledge of the Willing

By Ramzi Najjar

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Pub date July 27, 2020


Price $7.78 (USD) Kindle edition, $18.99 Paperback

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