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What Does a Caterpillar Do? by David McArthur (Author), Lucy Rogers (Illustrator)

Bright and informative… A charming visual treat for the youngest patrons.

Using a series of short questions and brief answers, McArthur’s picture book introduces young children to several different types of bugs and what makes each of them unique. Seen through the eyes of a cute caterpillar, the young reader is introduced to a whole host of favorite bugs, including ants, bees, snails, spiders, ladybugs among others and learns about their unique characteristics. Peppered with intriguing information (how a snail carries its house on its back; ants with their superhero strength; centipede’s 100 feet), the book cleverly introduces young children to the fantastic world of bugs. McArthur uses deceptively simple question-answer style narrative that is streamlined and fun at once, and Lucy Rogers’s lavish, translucent, colorful illustrations are a delight to look at. Lively, humorous, and lush, the book is a must for every child’s bookshelf.

Note: What Does A Caterpillar Do? was written in memory of Chloe and Aubrey Berry and all profits are being donated to the Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre. For more information, check David McArthur’s website at

What Does a Caterpillar Do?

By David McArthur (Author), Lucy Rogers (Illustrator)

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Pub date June 5, 2020

ISBN 979-8650706632

Price $9.99 (USD) Paperback, $2.27 Kindle edition

Age group pre-k to grade 2

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