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Book Blurb: Zachary’s Gold by Wes Snowden

Wes Snowden takes us on an epic journey into a historical past rich with revenge and retribution, love and hate, and death and birth in this thrilling and addictive new novel set in Europe and North Dakota.

It is almost the end of World War I. Soldiers from Allies forces are still in the middle of a bloody war with the enemy forces in the battlegrounds of Europe.

In these turbulent times, several people find their lives changed forever. A young Soldier’s life is turned upside down when in a mud-filled trench on the bloody battlefields of Europe, he tries to protect an unarmed, young German soldier from a rogue British soldier… A psychopathic killer plans his revenge, leaving many lives altered in his wake…  An army nurse marries for love, following her husband across sea to a new land, but a horrible incident on the way leaves her scarred for life… A despondent man who lost his wife and daughter to a tragic accident finds a ray of hope in an enduring bond of friendship… 

Pushed by fate toward a relentless internal struggle, their lives will be changed forever.

Zachary’s Gold

By Wes Snowden

Corvent Creative

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Pub date November 28, 2019


Price $3.06 (USD) Kindle edition

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