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Yearn to Fear: Australian Spy Thriller (The Lamarr Series Book 1) by Chas Murrell

Intriguing… A high-pitch of excitement.

The discovery of a game-changing scientific finding drives Murrell’s fast-paced, thrilling debut installment in The Lamarr Series, which introduces the Sydney-based scientist Marcus Hall. While working on a project to develop a radical 5G Wi-Fi receiver for CSIRO, Sydney-based scientist Markus Hall makes another scientific discovery, a sleep-inducing technology that can change the future of the therapeutic technology in humans. Blissfully unaware of the secret identities of the people around him, Markus is shocked to witness the brutal murder of a colleague. Once Marcus discovers that his invention is too dangerous to let it go into unsavory hands, the danger stalking him becomes a palpable threat. Marcus, Madeleine, Henry, Sarah, Helen, Bill, Jane, and the other fully realized characters make for a diverse set of interesting characters. The readers who like their thrillers with a dash of emotion will revel in Murrell’s skill at developing a credible interpersonal connection between his various characters. Murrell’s research is meticulous, and plotting tight, but the book’s real power lies in its complex structure—the mystery surrounding the real identity of various people working around Marcus is remarkably deep, the countless levels of tension are relentless, and Murrell adeptly unfolds the plot twists, some of them trivial, some significant, and some utterly shocking, keeping readers invested in the story throughout. This excellent combination of interesting premise and shocking twists will keep readers turning pages fast. Fans of action-packed techno thrillers will find much to like.

Note: this title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Yearn to Fear: Australian Spy Thriller

(The Lamarr Series Book 1)

By Chas Murrell

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Pub date November 13, 2020

ISBN 978-0645006209

Price $19.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.09 Kindle edition

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