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Journey to Jumbalot by Ryan Wakefield

Fresh and fluid… greatly addictive.

Tense, funny, and poignant in the classic tradition, Wakefield’s debut takes readers on an exhilarating journey to a strange world filled with strange hybrid animals, frightening monsters, and magic. After two years of rough life on streets, the cat Alby is content living a life of comfort as the genius Professor Wizoom’s house cat. But when an experiment goes wrong, and Wizoom goes missing in the middle of night, Alby has no option but to follow the professor to a strange new world. Wakefield crafts a courageous protagonist in Alby whose loyalty forces him to confront several dangerous situations and come out stronger. Fremmy is endearing and Queen Lola, Dalmin, Dalmoon, Tigo, Pongo, and Montock shine throughout with their courage and dignity.  The narrative is fluid, the plot tightly constructed, and the action scenes thrilling. In Jumbalot, Wakefield has created an immersive world that young readers would like to return again and again. This is a must read for the middle-grade fantasy lovers.

Journey to Jumbalot

By Ryan Wakefield

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Pub date February 1, 2021


Price $7.69 9USD) Kindle edition

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