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#Toots by Linh Le James




 Fresh and funny, #Toots takes readers on an exciting, hilarious journey…

With tantalizing humor, Linh Le James explores men and relationships, dating life, and sisterly bonds in the first installment of this chick lit series. Things are not going as planned in the lives of four sisters: Jess, Carla, Lou, and Emily, but their bond is rock solid which keeps them sane. James shifts perspectives from chapter to chapter to give voice to all four sisters. The characters are charming, but it is Lola who steals the show with her hilarious thou-shalt-agendas and dry humor. Her brutal payback techniques bring a good dose of madcap fun in the story. James’ vibrant narrative makes this an entertaining tale. The cocktail recipes with every chapter are a bonus.



by Linh Le James

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PUB DATE January 18, 2019

ISBN 13 9781794283626

Price: $13.99 (USD)


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