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Dirt Road Main Street by Cynthia L. Clark

An all-consuming romance sprinkled with hefty dose of suspense…

Fans of romantic suspense will best appreciate this haunting tale of two lovers who after falling in love change forever. The sparks ignited for both Holly and Tano when they meet each other for the first time at a Texas diner, leading to a short and yet whirlwind affair. Despite their undeniable chemistry, the couple parts ways soon after. Tano’s subsequent appearance out of blue at Holly’s doorstep after five years brings the couple together once again, and thus, begins a fairytale romance. But the women who came in Tano’s life before Holly have other plans for the couple. Clark brilliantly explores the blurred lines between betrayal and impulsiveness as Tano struggles with his own reckless decisions and the choices of those he once trusted. Clark evokes the eclectic art scene with skill and conviction, deftly capturing Tano and his band’s raw, infectious energy—jazz clubs, musical tours, band performances. Holly is a likeable character, but it’s Tano who shines through and through. The narrative revolves largely around Tano’s individual struggles, as he wrestles with his pull for Holly while trying to sort out the tensions of his messy past. Donna and Janet’s stories are incorporated nicely, infusing the narrative with both suspense and tension. Clark achieves a balance of great drama and devastatingly haunting love story and keeps the build-up to the heartbreaking climax rife with tension, leaving readers on the edge of their seats. Lovers of haunting romance will be swayed by this engrossing tale.

Dirt Road Main Street

By Cynthia L. Clark

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Pub date October 14, 2020

ISBN 978-1977234506

Price $18.95 (USD) Paperback, $4.05 Kindle edition

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