The Brazen Biddy’s Club: A Mother Daughter Late Life Adventure by Ruth Newell

A fresh, funny take on mother-daughter bond…

Newell humanizes the mother-daughter bond in this witty fictionalized semi-autobiographical tale of a middle-aged daughter who finds herself living with her elderly mother after a 40 year hiatus. She writes, groping her way backward through bittersweet memories of living with her elderly mother, from adorable moments of growing up, moving to an apartment complex, leaving the family home with her single mother to her stepfather’s late Alzheimer, his eventual move to a care home, his death, and the two women traveling north in an RV to bury the man they loved. She uses wit and sarcasm to chronicle her story, and her tales—including those about her mother justifying her distorted sense of length while cutting her hair (she laughs and holds out her forefinger about three inches from her thumb and explains that men are responsible for being bad at math: “They keep telling us that this is six inches!”), and the duo making a bucket list along with a hubbahubba wall of sexy senior clebs cut out from the mother’s AARP magazine—will give readers an enticing glimpse of their amusing exploits together. But at the heart, this is a tender exploration of mother-daughter bond, how the duo learns to live without the men they love, drawing strength from each other’s company and budding relationship. This is a fun, breezy, and enjoyable read.

The Brazen Biddy’s Club

A Mother Daughter Late Life Adventure

By Ruth Newell

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Pub date June 21, 2016


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