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Book blurb: Shaken Awake by Allen madding

A dreadful chill ravages the city and a homeless man is found frozen to death on the church steps…

The city of Atlanta had weathered a thousand wet and chilly days in winter with occasional snowfall… but never one like this. A snowfall that begins in the noon turns into a vicious ice storm by evening, obliterating everything in its way. People are stuck into the whiteout, and trying to look for a way out.

Now, as the Peachtree Church opens its door to those out in cold, the church members come face to face with a stark reality.

As uncomfortable truths make themselves known, this storm will prove be to an eye opener for many.

Enlightening and compelling, Shaken Awake brings to surface a truth we either ignore or just don’t know. With richly textured characters, haunted by the memories of their past, Shaken Awake is both a deeply engrossing novel and a thought-provoking piece of social commentary.

Shaken Awake

By Allen Madding

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