Tripping the Multiverse (Jade and Antigone #1) by Alison Lyke

A dazzling start to a promising series…

Lyke creates an ingenious world of alternate worlds in this imaginative, well-crafted science fiction. After a quantum physics experiment goes haywire and a science journalist becomes trapped in another dimension, it’s up to socially inept Antigone and her fellow journalist Jade, a woman of peer-reviewed facts and natural law, to rescue their colleague from another dimension. But the paradox has shifted, and the pair is left drifting away into increasingly strange worlds. Lyke seems to have fun developing her characters, their backstory, the endearing bond of friendship between her two protagonists as well as the intriguing world of multi dimensions, parallel universes, and the concept of dimensional dislocation. The fascinating premise, confident prose, and Lyke’s marvelous touches: the character of Crystal Sentry Denodos, Jade’s ability to shapeshift, the swirling dimensional bridge among others bring life to Jade and Anti’s exhilarating adventure among the worlds. Tensions rise steadily, and the satisfying conclusion comes with the promise of another exciting adventure of the duo.

Tripping the Multiverse

(Jade and Antigone #1)

By Alison Lyke

Black Rose Writing

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Pub date January 21, 2021

ISBN 978-1684336265

Price $18.95 (USD) Paperback

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