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Two Scoops, not Three by Terri Boas

An entertaining romp…

Boas explores bond of friendship, marriage, infidelity, and ramifications of one’s actions in her entertaining debut. Briony, Lauren, and Natalie—all in their 30s—are old friends since school. Briony who is trying to find her Mr. Right is painfully conscientious but seems to have bad luck with guys. Lauren, a cruise singer, is gay and looking for her Ms. Right. Natalie, a married mother of two, is ensconced in a picture-perfect marriage to her high school sweetheart. She’s feeling entrapped in a stale marriage. Her tryst with her sexy, personal trainer has surprising consequences for her, Briony, and Lauren’s friendship. Boas beautifully captures the tension and excitement of Natalie’s attraction to Jason, how she justifies her adultery and treatment of people around her. The intriguing premise, smooth pacing, and emotionally fraught setup make sure the reader stays invested throughout. Fully-realized characters and richly defined stakes lift the plot further. This entertaining, lighthearted outing is a treat for lovers of women’s fiction who love fractured friendship dramas.

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Two Scoops, not Three

By Terri Boas

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Pub date June 4, 2020


Price $3.87 (USD) Kindle edition, $9.99 Paperback

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