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Perfect Series (2 books series) by D.D. Larsen

Relentlessly paced and deftly plotted…

Larsen’s gripping erotic suspense series blends an affecting coming of age tale with a twisty, heavy on foreshadowing plot that’s slick with scorching hot romance and teenage drama. In the first book in the series, readers are introduced to Larsen’s young protagonist. Too busy to take time to enjoy life, high school senior Seryna is content being a fastidious student. But when the enigmatic Kieran, FBI Investigator, walks into her life, Seryna finds her perfectly planned life turns upside down. Family secrets unravel, and Saryna finds herself questioning those she loves. Pulled into a romance that changed her life, Seryna is struggling to make the most out of her complicated situation in the second installment. But a new tragedy strikes and Seryna’s plans for the future are in jeopardy once again. Larsen dexterously juggles a number of complex themes such as love, friendship, family ties, teenage pregnancy, rape, drugs, and violence and combines the pacing of a fast-paced thriller with writing that realizes both setting and character with a sure hand. In Seryna, Larsen has created a protagonist who unconsciously blurs her sense of self as she falls in love, but comes out a survivor all the same. As the story continues and conflicts grow, Seryna also grows. Her sincere attempts to make the most out of her tragic situation creates genuinely touching moments. Kieran is a thoroughly endearing protagonist, enigmatic and a gentleman, and Larsen’s deft foreshadowing of his mysterious background will keep readers on their toes, never entirely sure of what he is up to next. With its bracing pace, an array of interesting, deeply realized characters, and a tightly executed, suspenseful plot, the series makes for a page-turner.

Note: The series is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Perfect Series (2 books)

by D.D. Larsen

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