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Beyond The Surface by Trisha Ridinger McKee

Emotionally intelligent and gripping…

McKee’s this rich, moving, and thoroughly stunning novel is a forceful and resonant portrayal of a woman who must face the demons from her own past to better her present and future. The seemingly content life of thirty-nine-year-old Ella comes to an end when Alex, her husband of two decades, decides to leave her to make a new life with another woman. With a stagnant career and exasperated teenage daughter, Ella is trying to move ahead when she meets the enigmatic Dennis and falls for him. But to begin afresh, Ella must face her past demons first. McKee infuses her intriguing plot with candid insights about marriage, relationships, and family ties. With a keen eye for detail, McKee not only depicts the intricacies of marriage and parenting but also captures the essence of teenage experience. She excels in creating convincingly flawed but interesting characters who must face up to weaknesses in their own nature to come to terms with the condition of their lives. Ella’s consistent struggles of coming to terms with Alex’s betrayal while finding integrity as an individual is portrayed with skill and precision.  Intelligent but vulnerable Lila suffers from suppressed rage, denial, and guilt. Her emotional susceptibility and impulsive acts (especially With Brad), due in part to Alex’s infidelity and egocentric nature shed light on the drastic effect of a dysfunctional marriage and how it shapes the lives of everyone involved, including children’s. Lovers of excellently crafted literary fiction as well as women’s fiction won’t want to miss this resonant, splendid tale. McKee is an author to watch for.

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Beyond The Surface

By Trisha Ridinger McKee

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Pub date may 15, 2020

ISBN 9798646198045

Price $15.00 (USD) Paperback, $3.09 Kindle edition

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