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Incandescence (The Gold Feather Series #2) by Dani Pasquini

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Pasquini’s haunting narrative and a host of resolute characters add intrigue to this tale of love and loss…

Lily struggles to cope with the absence of Peter as she settles into a new life with other Duals in this second installment in The Gold Feather series. The Duals are forced to go on a run after an unexpected visitor arrives at their doorstep with bad news. As new secrets unravel and shocking revelations are made, the Duals must face the Agency to save what they hold most precious. The first half of the book is slow and heavy with intense love making, but the action picks up in the second half as the Duals learn more about the Agency’s abuse of power and secret betrayals leading to a shocking ending.



(The Gold Feather Series #2)

by Dani Pasquini

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B&N Press

PUB DATE July 23, 2018

ISBN 9781538087220

PRICE $12.99 (USD)

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