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Of Love & Of Betrayal (The Seven Keys of Hildegard Book 2) by David Dupuis

An intriguing, suspenseful conspiracy thriller, written elegantly and with vivid details…

Gripping, meticulously researched, and full of surprises, Dupuis’s second installment in The Seven Keys of Hildegard series reveals the anarchy that lurks in shadows as the ancient keys inevitably turns. It is 1958, and the new pope, John XXIII, is determined to make the Church relevant in the rapidly changing and increasingly treacherous world of 1960s and 70s. His progressing reforms are not sitting well with a few fundamentalists and the dangerous enemies. Meanwhile, the ancient key has turned with the birth of the next Holy One. But with the members of Dark Watch lurking in shadows, keeping Enoch safe becomes a priority for the Church officials. Dupuis’s prose is crisp, and the provocative historical revelations keep readers enthralled. John XXIII’s complex character—calm and tough but also sentimental and a great visionary—is a triumph. It’s through his story that Dupuis examines the orthodox religious practices and the prevalent corruption, revealing the evil hidden under the slick facade of corrupted church officials. Meanwhile, lurking at the novel’s center like an ominous curse are the members of the Dark Watch who intend to realize their sinister goal at any cost. The cat and mouse game between the Dark Watch and the church officials keeps the tension high. The final plot twist, while predictable, is thoroughly satisfying, and the way Dupuis resolves it will keep readers wait anxiously for the third installment. At once intriguing and vividly detailed, this is a conspiracy thriller done right.

Of Love & Of Betrayal (The Seven Keys of Hildegard Book 2)

By David Dupuis

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Pub date December 18, 2019


Price $37.57 (USD) paperback, $50.99 Hardcover, $7.57 Kindle edition

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